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  • Business Planning

    Market analysis, target market analysis, development concept plan, program mix, feasibility study, and establishment of optimal business structure for various projects such as complex development (MXD), new town development, resort complex, industrial complex and urban regeneration, and project restructuring.

    Inpact G.C.F. has been establishing business execution strategies for actual business promotion.

  • Investment Attraction Strategy and Execution

    Because it is often not possible to lead to business execution from planning, the participation of strategic investors (SI) in the business planning stage is an important factor that determines the success or failure of the project.

    In order to promote successful business, we are establishing a strategy to attract investment that strategic investors can participate in the project at the planning stage. we gather investors' opinions and reflect them in the plans, draw out an attractive business structure that allows investors to participate in the business, and support the internal decision making for actual business participation and finally, the contract

  • Strategic Investment and Operation

    Inpact G.C.F. operates capital to invest strategically in domestic and overseas real estate projects.

    We perform as a lifestyle developer through direct investment and participation in office, residential, commercial and complex development projects.